A Place 2 Be is founded by community organizer, Dr. Byron Johns, APlace2Be.org (AP2B). Global Urban Camp connects a wealth of every lived experience. Dr. Johns has created vibrant creative communities in America and Africa, namely New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Nairobi, Durban and Cape Town.

​​Dr. Byron Johns (DBJ)’s business was launched with the belief to unleash the creativity in each individual, and by doing so, solve the complex business problems of our time. His vision is to address the contemporary needs that have evolved during the current technological revolution. The commitment of his work as a coach and facilitator is to energize and inspired people and their environments to effectively navigate the current VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) environment.

His early career positions in arts organizations and later as an accomplished educator and trainer for a dot-com era tech company, motivated him to pursue bridging the gap between creative and business, showing people that anything is possible with the right plan; be it in the realm of problem solving for a company or a very personal dream project(s), he believes most of us have creative ideas that we seek to fulfill.

His realm of experience spans a variety of communities, from New York City schools, fortune 500 companies, to various small business, start-up companies, and arts organizations. Through his work in the US, Africa, and Europe, he has trained hundreds of community and corporate leaders, managers, and other professionals; as well as generated grants and strategically leveraged people resources in fulfillment of organizational objectives. DBJ has personally managed staffs of 100+ to deliver over 50 concerts and productions, and large and small seminars. These experiences have translated into his signature product, the 90 Day Enhancement Program, a coaching structure for accelerating project development and achievement. This unique program is a virtual laboratory for learning and development, a haven for entrepreneurs and leaders to incubate their projects and see demonstrated results in the span of one business quarter. 

DBJ has a doctorate in Psychology, concentrating on Organizational Management and Consulting and a Master’s degree in Performing Arts Management. His latest project, and the vision for his life’s work, is the creation of an international franchise, called A Place To Be, that offers contemporary, innovative programming that connects the global community through shared resources and dialogue-based learning. 

For more visit http://90dayenhancement.com