Members of the Philadelphia Project are creating a Story Archive of Philly expats and residents through interviews that will be accessed via podcasts sometime this year.

The Philadelphia Project was formed about two years ago by Aloma Marquis and Byron Johns, creator of a collective called, "A Place to Be." The interviews allow guests to explore and express their relationships and feelings towards Philadelphia in all their forms, effects and visions for its people. 

The Philadelphia Project is a repository of stories that will trustingly help generate partnerships among fellow Philadelphians, both current residents and expats who share a love for the City. We are committed to its residents reaching their full potential and making their contributions to the metropolitan area and the world.                                                                       

This project is a space for sowing seeds of creative ideas and practices through partnerships among people from varied academic disciplines, organizations, classes, castes, people groups and income levels.

We are  a group of ordinary people in action to fulfill an extraordinary commitment and our intention is that these seeds grow into a healthy and long lived forest.