Contemporary Dialogues

In this information age, technology has altered our culture rapidly, along
with all of the other changes that have occurred and have been heightened
in our awareness during Covid and the Civic Unrest period. These dialogues
provide an outlet or space to unload and explore the bombardment of
information and messages we receive. Through the dialogues, we can
process through the information, interact with it, and provide a space to say how we feel about it. That is the crux of why Contemporary Dialogues exist. 

Contemporary Dialogues are facilitated conversations that bring people together who share common concerns and commitments, and a desire to build resources
around those commitments to impact the issues, address concerns or
create capacity for the particular communities; we refer to those
communities as Collectives. 

Contemporary Dialogues have their foundation in Diachronic studies, the use of dialogue to create learning and teach concepts.

The intended results are to:

  • Provide an outlet for sharing
  • Raise awareness
  • Educate both those within and outside the communities
  • Serve as a resource for stimulating and facilitating actions/projects that offer long-term community enhancements