Understanding Eldership Facilitators


Clifton McDonald

is 63 years old born in London from Jamaican parents. He delivers workshops, training programmes and courses on Adolescent and Adult Rites of Passage and Understanding Eldership.

A place to return home to the essence of who we are, our authentic self. It’s a journey of re-discovering that aspect of ourselves that has been hidden that is longing to show itself.

An opportunity to tell our stories, to connect to self and others, to be seen, to be heard, to stop and pause, to be still, silent, exhale and meditate, to listen, talk, sing, laugh, share, to sing, move our bodies, to give thanks, to let go what’s no longer needed or necessary, to forgive, to heal, to bring forth all of our needs, wants, hopes and desires.

A place that is sacred, spiritual and peaceful that will honour our historical and family traditions that nourishes and feeds our mind, body and spirit.

He delivers workshops, training programmes and courses on Adolescent and Adult Rites of Passage and Understanding Eldership.To local and national Youth & Community organisations, Local Authorities, Young Offenders Services and the Prison Service he delivers training on conflict, personal/self-leadership, team building and change management

He is committed and passionate about lifelong learning, to share, to learn, to develop and to grow to support self and those he works to be the best.

Eli Anderson

delivers storytelling workshops, and courses and is a Narrative Couch, an End-of-Life practitioner specialising in infant loss, dementia and mental health. 

He is involved in developing Rites of Passage and Eldership experiences and facilitates Intuition Courses underpinned by ancient African spirituality processes.

Eli purpose is as a Storyteller and has dedicated his life to enabling other human beings to “reconnect and rediscover their inner stories and how to have an intimate relationship with nature.


Marleen is an Integrative Therapist working with Biodynamic Massage and Breathwork. She is at present completing a Diploma in Biodynamic Psychotherapy.

During the past few years Marleen has embraced her heritage of being of African descent and this informs how she works with her clients.

Working with the mature members of our community to recognise what they have to offer the rest of us, their wisdom and insights as Elders, is important to Marleen and she feels honoured to support the claiming of these discoveries.